Brokerage Services

We offer brokerage services for Mutli-Family Apartments and Mobile Home Parks in Arizona

Pacwest Properties, Inc. has specialized in brokering mobile home parks and multifamily apartment properties since 1995.

Mobile Home Parks: A quiet, lucrative, and sometimes secretive business. Mobile parks are a little tougher to break into for the first time buyer because bankers and brokers are a little squeamish about dealing with an investor who has no mobile home park operator experience. Because of this, one needs to have the contacts, knowledge and backing of an experienced property management company on your team.

Apartment Properties: A bit easier to break into than mobile home parks. Investors will have a distinct advantage when dealing with us. Because of our vast experience in brokerage and management, we have the ability to crunch the numbers and weed out the “pie in the sky” deals with the inflated proformas from the real deals. Very few companies can offer this service.

Property Pricing – Our market knowledge can help guide you to setting the best price for your Mobile Home Park or multifamily apartment. We have access to many different sources of Mobile Home Park and multifamily apartment property closings to give us a quality competitive market analysis.

Property Marketing – Besides our current list of contacts, our listings are put on more than one listing service. We make sure that our listings are where real estate investors start their search.

Negotiation – We are more than just messengers that pass offers and counter offers between buyers and sellers. We present our client’s case in the best light to procure the best possible price on their behalf.

Closing Services – It is important that the escrow process is as seamless as possible for our clients. We carry out tasks on behalf of our clients such as notifying tenants of buyer property inspections, showing the property to buyers, and investigating transaction status.

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