Mobile Home Park Property Management

Mobile Home Park Property Management – Arizona

Pacwest Properties, Inc. has been providing mobile home park property management in Arizona since 1995. Each mobile home park has its own unique character. Some of the differences are listed below.

Mobile Home Park Property Management in Arizona is a complicated task and requires trained personnel to handle the day to day activities. The laws vary depending upon whether the mobile home is owned by the tenant or owned by the park. We try to discourage investors from buying a mobile home park with a large percentage of “park owned homes”. Luckily, we specialize in mobile home park management.

There are other factors to consider when looking for mobile home park management. If a mobile home park has RV’s or travel trailers located in some of the spaces, there are different sets of laws regarding RV’s and travel trailers. This is important because it is becoming more common to see RV’s and travel trailers sprinkled among mobile homes in a mobile home park. The reason for mixed homes results from many older parks having smaller lots, thereby making the highest and best use of the land. When a mobile home has outlived its usefulness or the tenant moves the mobile home out of the park, the lot may be too small (due to updated set back requirements by the local municipalities) to place another mobile home in the vacant space. Placing an RV/travel trailer in the space can be a method/means to earn income from the “non-conforming space” and increase occupancy. Having a mobile home park property manager that has experience with this type of issue is an asset to you.

On Site Mobile Home Park Property Managers: We take the time to train our on-site mobile home park property management team to anticipate the particular needs of the mobile home park. We provide mobile home park property management training to all our mobile home park managers in crime prevention, fair housing, managing tenant complaints, and customer service.

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